Día Mundial de Los Simpson

CASE STUDIES: Comunication


In 2017, PR Garage put forward the idea of creating International Simpsons Day, with the aim of carrying out a metacommunication campaign.

How do you create an international day? A company, a public figure or important body can “simply” convene such a day and wait for popular support. However, as a recently created communication agency, we decided to seek the support of media and television channels in achieving the goal.

As a first step, we launched a petition in Change.org asking for 19 April 2017, the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the first short that inspired the series, to be declared the first International Simpsons Day, and seeking the support of Fox and Antena 3. This request was brought to the attention of communication media through a media alert and direct contact with relevant journalists.

Media like El Mundo, Fórmula TV, El País, La Vanguardia, Vertele, Hobby Consolas, IGN, El Periódico de Catalunya, La Razón, El Economista, 20 Minutos, PR Noticias and Europa Press spread the news. And, thanks to the stir in the media, Antena 3 decided to “take up the challenge” and announced a special programming schedule to mark Simpsons Day. This was followed by a similar initiative by Fox España, the official channel for the series and, with the support of both companies, it became official: International Simpsons Day was born.

The event is now repeated every year, both in Spain and Latin America, with special programming on the television channels and articles in the communication media. Even Andreu Buenafuente did a monologue on the subject. The communication campaign was a success, with interviews with the agency’s partners in the media, success stories published in specialist communication publications, and regular references to PR Garage whenever the date is discussed; these include the ficha on the popular website “diainternacionalde.com” devoted to this type of anniversaries.