Game of Thrones: Final Season event


The end of a journey such as the television adaptation of Game of Thrones, which began in 2011 until it became one of the most followed series in the world, required a closure to match. The premiere of the first episode of the last season was an revolution in the world of entertainment that PRGarage was in charge of turning into a great event at Callao Cinemas, in the heart of Madrid.


The premiere was planned as a small festival around the series, in which more than 1,400 fans were able to immerse themselves in the series with all kinds of activities, before watching the start of the final season, simultaneously with the US broadcast.

From the agency we took charge of designing the concept and agenda of the event, producing the decoration materials, gifts or themed food and organizing all kinds of actions, such as soundtrack concerts or escape rooms.

Madrid dressed in Poniente for a day. The perfect starting point for the season that put the finishing touch to this symbol of popular culture of our time.